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Team Coaching

Our Team Coaching Package offers a unique and powerful opportunity for teams and leaders from the same organization to embark on a transformative leadership journey together. This comprehensive program combines team diagnostics, training, and coaching to promote teamwork and collaboration among team members.

The Team Coaching Package is a powerful tool for organizations looking to improve teamwork, collaboration, and performance among their teams. It is ideal for organizations that want to take their team performance to the next level. Contact us to learn how our Team Coaching Package can benefit your organization.

What You Will Achieve…

  • Assess the current state of the team and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Learn tools and techniques that improve how the team operates and functions.
  • Develop a team growth mindset that drives change and progress.
  • Achieve exceptional results as a team.
  • Implement strategies to reduce burnout and improve team flow.


$5,000 (+$500/individual up to 10 people)


  • Kick off call
  • Individual listening sessions
  • Team diagnostic report out
  • 4 team sessions

Ready to Unlock Potential, Accelerate Growth, and
Drive Peak Performance?