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Human Ignition develops peak performance in executives, teams, and enterprises. We enable executives to play at the top of their game, understand team dynamics and provide tools to increase team performance, and help enterprises go after large-scale opportunities and solve vexing problems.


We unlock potential and accelerate executives, teams, and the enterprise.  


We coach, teach and train high performance tools and techniques that enable both the inner game and outer game, resulting in higher performance.


We use a Human Ignition diagnostic tool to assess the current state of individuals, teams, and enterprises. Our assessment identifies key focus areas, then we coach, teach and train to the highest performance possible.

Our Chief Ignition Officer

Ed Boudrot is an edge thinker with deep roots in accelerating teams and companies to peak performance. The founder and leader of Fusion and enterprise accelerator for a Fortune Five company, delivering impactful strategies, building new companies, bringing products to market and accelerating teams. In this role, he led next-generation startups to discover strategies and solutions to complex challenges.

At Human Ignition, Boudrot uses a proprietary dataset to evaluate business concepts and startups against 25 predictive performance dimensions. The assessment uncovers potential, accelerates growth and drives peak performance among executives, enterprises and teams.

Boudrot has an MBA in Marketing & Entrepreneurship from Babson College, and a BSEE from Wentworth Institute of Technology. As an Ironman competitor, he enjoys endurance sports, biohacking human performance, reading and meditation.

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