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Enterprise Coaching

The Enterprise Coaching Package addresses the specific opportunities and challenges facing your organization. Our Human Ignitions ideation process focuses on driving results for your strategy, products, and teams. Our goal is to help you discover “What is Possible” for your organization.

Our workshop-based approach generates ideas and solutions through a series of work sessions. During these sessions, we will conduct a quick assessment of your market effectiveness, identify opportunities for future product development, uncover gaps in the marketplace and competitive offerings, and develop a long list of potential ideas. From there, we will narrow down the ideas to a succinct list with the highest possible return on investment.

Our Enterprise Coaching program is an effective way for organizations to generate new ideas, increase market effectiveness, and achieve desired outcomes. Contact us today to learn how our Enterprise Coaching Program can benefit your organization.

What You Will Achieve…

  • Define and clearly state the “problem to solve, the solution to find or the issue to resolve,” in your served markets.
  • Gather the baseline data that will allow the session to move forward in a realistic manner.
  • Utilize a series of tools to create a list of potential ideas.
  • Converge/narrow the list to the potential best ideas while not discarding other ideas.
  • Apply data, benchmarking, best-in-class ideas, and knowledge of where your company is to create an action plan to move forward.
  • Develop a series of measures and metrics to track your progress.


(Custom pricing based on need)

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